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Effective: 26 May 2015


Some landowners who have cemeteries located on their private property, are preventing family members from visiting and maintaining the graves of their love-ones buried there.  Some of these landowners or their livestock are even illegally desecrating these cemeteries. 


A cemetery is a place not only for the burial of the dead, but for an expression of love and respect by the living for the dead...  Family members have the legal right of burial, visitation, maintenance and beautification of cemeteries per S.C. Code of Cemetery Laws, Section 27-43-310.  Visitation to cemeteries located on private property, need to be prior approved by the landowner.  Contact your local sheriff to enforce this law, if, the landowner is preventing its visitation.


AME = African Methodist Episcopal (N)   SMC = Southern Methodist Church   UMC = United Methodist Church   ME = Methodist Episcopal  

Zion AME = Zion African Methodist Episcopal (N)   CME = Christian Methodist Episcopal   (N) = Negro   (S) = Slave   (C) = Caucasian   (I) = Indian   (A) = Asian   


Negro (N) cemetery name notations are normally due to the research work of Emily E. Vaughn. 

It's suggested that you visit her compiling work at Also see









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